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Friday noon: press conference/rally about NSA near Russell Senate Office Building

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE    June 12, 2013 Contact: Martine Zundmanis – 202-531-0748 Shahid Buttar – media@bordc.org / 202-316-9229 What: Civil liberties coalition challenges secret dragnet spying Where:  the corner of Delaware and Constitution Avenues near Upper Senate Park When:  June 14, … Continue reading

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MD financial consumer privacy bill supported – meanwhile, do it yourself!

A week ago I was in Annapolis to testify on behalf of a simple bill that’s so good it’s already helped me — and it’s not even a law yet.  That’s because “even” people like myself, Mr. So-Called Privacy Advocate, … Continue reading

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Protect Your Digital Privacy: People Power with PGP

If one were looking for an example of how one person was able to change the world for the better with technology, one need look no farther than Philip Zimmerman. Zimmerman earned his place in history in 1991, when he … Continue reading

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Protect Your Digital Privacy: WiFi

Coffee houses have a historical caché as the place where revolutions are born, but today they are also one of the easiest places for the authorities or others to eavesdrop on your electronic communications. Broadband wireless, or WiFi, is not … Continue reading

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Protect Your Digital Privacy: Passwords

In George Orwell’s 1984, Winston Smith finally comes undone and betrays the person about whom he cares most when he is confronted with the thing of which he is most afraid. No matter how otherwise secure an encryption algorithm is, … Continue reading

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Protect Your Digital Privacy: Browser Security

The Revolution Will Be Facebooked It might seem hard to believe that Ben Ali’s Tunisian dictatorship tried to nip the Arab Spring in the bud by stealing Facebook passwords. Yet as the revolution spread by message and image on the … Continue reading

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Protect Your Digital Privacy: Introduction

The two most potent weapons to protect your digital privacy are a strong dose of common sense and encryption, i.e. scrambling digital data so that the only people who can read it are people authorized with a key or a … Continue reading

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Protecting your online privacy — a series by Bill Day

Starting this week, Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition is pleased to host a series of posts on protecting your online privacy, written by Bill Day.  The posts now include… Protect Your Digital Privacy: Introduction Protect Your Digital Privacy: Browser Security … Continue reading

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