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County Council tables curfew, loitering bills

On Tuesday the County Council voted on the youth curfew and loitering/prowling bills  — but neither approved or rejected either one.  Instead, in a procedure that left at least one pro-curfew councilmember fuming, the Council simply tabled both bills. While … Continue reading

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Mixed reviews for loitering bill 35-11 at County Council public hearing

The public had a chance to weigh in on the  proposed Montgomery County loitering/”prowling” bill 35-11 on Tuesday evening, and the reviews were mixed at best. The opportunity was a Montgomery County Council Public Safety Committee hearing — chaired by … Continue reading

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MCCRC’s Thomas Nephew testifies against loitering/prowling bill 35-11

On the evening of Tuesday, November 15, I joined seven other people testifying before the Montgomery County Public Safety Committee about the proposed loitering/”prowling” bill 35-11, introduced by Councilman Phil Andrews. That testimony is below; I’ve added a few links … Continue reading

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The youth curfew and anti-loitering bills — not “either or” but “neither nor”

Dear County Council members, The Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition joins a great number of county residents and organizations urging the Council not to pass the expedited youth curfew proposal.  We also urge you not to introduce or support a … Continue reading

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Andrews says “steam has gone out” of curfew push, touts anti-loitering bill – UPDATED

Speaking to an ACLU of Montgomery County meeting Wednesday night, County Councilmember Phil Andrews said he believed the “steam has gone out” of efforts to saddle Montgomery County with a youth curfew, and that the proposal would not pass the … Continue reading

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