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Analysis touting prototype MoCo “Countering Violent Extremism” program flawed, expert says

“To call [the “Montgomery County Model”] effective in the way they have would lead the average citizen to believe it reduces actual violence which is distinctly not the case. […To] say that it is an evidence based program after a … Continue reading

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Civil Rights Groups Demand End to High School Sports Hijab Ban #HijabisHoopToo

After sixteen year-old student Je’Nan Hayes was banned from competing in her varsity basketball team’s championship game for wearing a hijab, racial justice groups, civil rights organizations, and community members demanded an immediate change to the rules. On March 27, MCCRC, … Continue reading

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Justice for Je’Nan Hayes

The Watkins Mill High School girls basketball team made it to the regional finals this year for the first time. Every girl on the Gaithersburg, Maryland team got a chance to play in the championship game, except Je’Nan Hayes. The … Continue reading

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Muslim Community Center Town Hall speakers report on #MuslimBan executive order, offer toolkit to resist

An emergency town hall convened at the Muslim Community Center this Sunday at noon gave two speakers — Abed Ayoub of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), and Khaled Bhartoum, a law professor at  University of Detroit Mercy School of Law … Continue reading

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Legislative forum Q&A gets answers on SWAT, trial boards, profiling, immigration enforcement, surveillance

A legislative forum hosted by Progressive Neighbors last Sunday, January 8, at Silver Spring Civic Center yielded insights into state and county civil rights and civil liberties issues during audience questions. SWAT reporting, civilian trial board participation Thomas Nephew (MCCRC) … Continue reading

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[UPDATED: NSEERS is dead!] Report your phone calls to Congress about ending NSEERS here

[UPDATE, 12/22/16: CNN reports “Obama administration ending program once used to track mostly Arab and Muslim men: “President Barack Obama’s administration said Thursday it was ending a dormant program that once was used to track mostly Arab and Muslim men.”The … Continue reading

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Muslim registry teach-in advises calling Congressmembers *now*

On Saturday afternoon of December 17, over a hundred audience members attended an informative forum at St. Stephen and the Incarnation Church titled “Registration Revived? A Teach-In on Resisting Muslim Registries.” Speakers at the event — organized by the Muslim … Continue reading

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One vigil, divisible, with liberty and justice for some

Last Friday night, a decent, heartfelt response to the horror and grief of the San Bernardino mass killings was transformed into a pep rally for a disquieting information gathering and intervention program — connecting clergy and law enforcement — called … Continue reading

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Nancy Abbott Young: “as Sam’s daughter, as a proud American of Syrian descent… I salute this Resolution”

My name is Nancy Abbott Young. My father was Sam Abbott, Mayor of Takoma Park, who among many other things, fought to establish Takoma Park as a Sanctuary City providing refuge & asylum for refugees fleeing Central America and South … Continue reading

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MCCRC joins ACLU-MD, CAIR, 36 other organizations in letter to Governor Hogan on refugees

Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition was proud to join 38 other Maryland civil rights and other groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Maryland and the Council on American-Islamic Relations – Maryland (CAIR), in a letter urging Governor … Continue reading

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