2016: Maryland lobbying


Call your delegation: 1-800-492-7122 ext. 5400

General resources

Legislative tracker


  • NUA: no unless amended, SWA: support with amendments, NP: no position on deliberation, -: no position anticipated.
  • MCCRC: Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition (this site)
  • MCJPA: Maryland Coalition on Justice and Police Accountability
  • MAJR: Maryland Alliance for Justice Reform
  • MPCM: Marijuana Policy Coalition of Maryland

More on the tracker here.

Police reform

Current MCJPA demands can be read below:

  • MCCRC also advises caution in implementing police body cameras – they should be for accountability only, not for surveillance or police convenience (i.e., police should have procedures for when they should be on or off, and existing public information laws should cover access to footage – no special rules for police videos.)

Freedom to boycott



This page will be modified periodically.  Please bookmark it and visit often!

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