2015: Maryland lobbying


Toll-free phone number for the Maryland General Assembly: 1-800-492-7122 ext. 5400

General resources

Police reform

  • 3/5/15: District 16, 20 – call, email Sen. Lee and Raskin: support SB566!
  • 2/9/15: Do you have a personal story about police abuse?  Please let us know, and let your legislators know.
  • Let your legislators know you support the Maryland Coalition for Justice and Equality reform agenda, including …
    1. LEOBR (Law Enforcement Officer Bill of Rights) reform including longer periods to file complaints, immediate investigation of complaints and questioning of officers, strong civilian review boards, and special prosecutors for police offenses
      1. Call your legislators to support SB566
      2. Join the ACLU-MD and/or CAIR petitions
    2. renewal of “Driving While Black” legislation requiring police departments to record the race of persons stopped in their cars.
    3. caution in implementing police body cameras – they should be for accountability only, not for surveillance.

Marijuana legalization

  • Consider joining us on Monday evening, Feb 2, in Annapolis for Lobby Night!



This page will be modified periodically.  Please bookmark it and visit often!

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