Bystander Intervention Materials

[links to materials updated 10/21/20]

“Hassle line”, Bystander Intervention Training, Jan 4 Takoma Park

The trainings are presented as scripts that anyone can pick up and read to an assembled group. They have been extensively tested, so we can assure you that even though they may seem too wordy, they really do work very well as written.

We wrote these materials based on our experience as activists, organizers, and trainers in nonviolent action.  Although we have received feedback from all of our training groups and dozens of fellow organizers, we welcome any additional suggestions or revisions you might want to share with us as you gain experience in your own communities.

It is our philosophy that our trainings should be given for free, so that as many people as possible can receive the training.

If you are planning on doing a training for personal profit, please do NOT use any of our materials or create your own training based on this one.  It took us an enormous amount of time to write the script, to get real-life experience with thousands of people to see if the training worked, to make revisions, and to prepare the training of trainers.  The materials are protected under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license, so please don’t use us like that, okay?

We would love to know which groups are using our materials, so please give us your group’s name, a contact name, email address and zip code.  We hope to get a map up showing where trainings have happened around the country — and where they will be happening — so that people can find your organization, come to a training and get involved in your work.

[Banner: Bystander training participants, Takoma Park, MD, 1/20/2017;
photo courtesy of Pamela Fields]