Why is Maryland Even Thinking About Going Backwards on Criminal Justice Reform?

Today, the Maryland House Judiciary Committee will debate SB 122, the Comprehensive Crime Bill.  SB 122 is a dangerous bill that increases penalties and prison time for a number of offenses by creating mandatory minimums. We know that this is an ineffective crime fighting strategy, and one that disproportionately affects people of color.

We think that Maryland should be leading the way forward with progressive, compassionate criminal justice reform that respects civil rights and liberty. Instead, SB 122 is leading us backwards.

Jerry Kickenson will be representing Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition before the Judiciary Committee today, testifying in opposition to the bill (read his testimony here).

Please take action today to help us fight this dangerous bill.

Send an email to your delegates now!

The bill would also increase the use of so-called predictive policing tools. This is a disaster for civil rights and civil liberties, putting people under suspicion based on the actions of others. And again, these tools would only reinforce the racism already inherent in our criminal justice system.

Send an email to your delegates now!

Stop SB 122!

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