Introducing MCCRC’s Progressive Montgomery Calendar

Screenshot of Progressive Montgomery Calendar; click the image for a closer look.

Part of what makes the Montgomery County area great is its vibrant progressive community, from Takoma Park Mobilization to UpCounty Alliance, from Peace Action Montgomery to Progressive Neighbors, from CASA to SURJ MoCo.  (And hey, us too.)

So we’re very pleased that Mark Paster will maintain a Progressive Montgomery calendar at this web site, one where any group who wants to (indeed anyone who wants to) can submit events for inclusion in a single calendar that all of us can use.

As Mark put it, the goal “is to have one place where, to the maximum extent possible, all of the groups that are working in the progressive direction can share info on events and activities.  It could help avoid counter-scheduling, where two groups appealing to the same folks have their event at the same time and individuals who are looking to connect could more easily do so.”

Using the calendar couldn’t be simpler. For example, clicking on an entry for March 19th shows there will be a SURJ MoCo meeting at Cedar Lane Unitarian Church in Bethesda.  Click the “copy to my calendar” to transfer the event to your own calendar application.

A typical entry in the calendar’s default “Month” view after clicking its link. Click the “copy to my calendar” link to add the entry to your own calendar application.

The Google calendar comes with “Week,” “Month,” and “Agenda” views (because of the long titles many events have, perhaps the most useful one for an overview).  Any of them help you zero in on the events you’re most interested in.  There are also links to forms for either submitting an organization as a calendar source or  an event as a calendar entry, as well as to a list of organizations we try to keep up with.

Please have a lookbookmark this great new resource, and share it widely!

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