Takoma Park Welcoming Committee explores local rental housing interest for refugees

Takoma Park Community Center

Takoma Park Community Center

The “Takoma Park Welcoming Committee” is a volunteer-led response to a Takoma Park city council resolution endorsing refugee settlement in November 2015.  It has been meeting monthly at the Takoma Park Community Center to explore ways to assist resettlement of refugees to the Takoma Park area.

In a message co-signed by Councilman Terry Seamens and committee member Shruti Bhatnagar, the group is now calling for interested individuals in Takoma Park to let the committee know they’re interested in housing Syrian refugees as tenants:

“Takoma Park welcoming committee for Syrian families” has been actively working since November 2015 to support resettlement of Syrian families in Takoma Park. We are working with resettlement agencies to meet this goal. Our top priority is to identify safe and affordable homes for new families in our wonderful neighborhood of Takoma Park.

If you are a home owner and interested in supporting this effort by offering your home / part of your home as a rental property, please review the federal requirements listed below to ensure that it meets the required criteria so housing is safe, sanitary and in good repair.

The full text of the flyer is embedded below, or can be downloaded here. As indicated in the flyer, if you live in Takoma Park and are interested, contact Councilman Seamens or Ms. Bhatnagar at TerryS@takomaparkmd.gov and Shruti_bhatnagar@yahoo.com, respectively.

We at MCCRC are proud to continue to help with this grassroots effort to ensure that refugees are welcome in Takoma Park and the county.

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