Please ask these MoCo delegates to sign the Syria refugee letter!

The campaign to get Maryland state senators and delegates to join an open letter endorsing the settlement of Syrian refugees is proceeding apace. As of tonight, 39 delegates and senators have signed!

That honor roll includes 19 Assembly members from Montgomery County, and the entire delegations of District 20 (Takoma Park, Silver Spring) and District 22 (Greenbelt, Prince George’s County).  For a look at the complete list of signers, visit the “Maryland Welcomes Refugees” letter signers web page.

In Montgomery County, that currently leaves 13 delegates and senators (updated list below) who haven’t signed the letter yet.  In an extremely busy legislative session, that’s no wonder — it may just take a reminder from you.  So if you can spare a moment to contact members of your delegation and ask them to co-sign the letter (viewable at the link), that would be very helpful.  (Not sure who’s in your delegation? Check here.) You may want to remind the delegates and senator that the Montgomery County Council is supportive, having sent a similar letter of their own late last year.

(Scroll to the last column for the member’s office phone number.)

As an attachment, you might want to include the packet assembled by “Maryland Welcomes Refugees” — a cover letter, the letter itself to co-sign, and supportive statements by city and county councils and human rights organizations from around the state.

We’re thrilled at the response the letter — drafted by State Senator Jamie Raskin — has received.  That’s thanks to his eloquence and the good sense of Maryland legislators — but also to the fantastic work of Erinn Mansour, who’s been pushing the letter tirelessly and effectively in Annapolis, and the great email system set up by Saqib Ali — just add your address, and voila, an email to your delegation is ready for you to edit and send.

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