MCCRC 2016 Annapolis legislative tracker

During the coming weeks, MCCRC will be maintaining a list of pending Maryland legislation of particular significance to civil rights and civil liberties in our state. The list — embedded below — is annotated with current MCCRC positions (the first highlighted column).

In addition, we list the positions of Maryland coalitions we support:

  • Maryland Coalition for Justice and Police Accountability (MCJPA)
  • Maryland Alliance for Justice Reform (MAJR)
  • Marijuana Policy Coalition of Maryland (MPCM)
Maryland flag

Maryland House Office Building

Scroll towards the right to see more about each bill — in particular, its sponsor, next hearing date, official synopsis and title. Click on the bill’s HB or SB number to see Maryland General Assembly web site information about it.

When we don’t take a position on a bill, that only means that we haven’t adequately investigated the issue and the legislation yet — or are not sure how urgent it is to do so.  For example, it appears that Delegate Cluster’s HB0252 bill amounts to the kind of Florida-style “stand your ground” legislation that contributed to Trayvon Martin’s death — but it may also be that bill won’t get far.  Given the avalanche of legislation in Annapolis, we simply take note of bills like this one — and are doubtless also overlooking other important bills.

This kind of tracking wouldn’t be possible without the Maryland General Assembly’s legislative tracking tool; to use it, visit the Assembly’s “Legislation Tracking – Main” page, and establish a user name and password.  Then when you see legislation of interest to you, click through to its main web page and click the “blue thumbtack” at the upper right, and begin setting up a tracking list.

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