Phonebanking for police reform with Progressive Maryland

  • WHERE: 35 University Blvd, Silver Spring, MD (United Methodist Church; enter via playground) (map)
  • WHEN: Thursday, Feb 18, 6-9pm
  • WHY: Get commitments to join us at a rally and hearings for police reform in Annapolis next Tuesday!
  • RSVP: Progressive Maryland event page

Working together with Progressive Maryland, we urge everyone who can to join us for an informational briefing on police reform legislation Thursday evening at the United Methodist Church offices of Progressive Maryland.  After the briefing, we’ll begin phonebanking to get participants for next Tuesday’s rally and hearings in Annapolis.

Police reform phonebankers, Progressive Maryland office: Denise, Elsa. (2/3/16)

Whether or not you join us tonight, let Progressive Maryland and MCCRC know you demand police accountability by adding your name to those demanding police accountability.  After you sign, we’ll be in touch with you by email, phone, and the Internet about ways to plug in to Maryland Coalition for Justice and Police Accountability (MCJPA) legislative strategies for police reform in the coming weeks and months.

Two important notes:

  1. First, while you don’t have to, the most helpful thing you can do is provide your address and phone number via the signature page.  That way…
    1. if members of your Annapolis delegation need to hear from us, we’ll know you’re in their district, and
    2. we can reach you quickly to get your help emailing, calling, or visiting them.
  2. Second, Progressive Maryland will share this contact information with MCCRC when it’s gathered via links from MCCRC blog posts like this one, emailings, and Facebook posts; we’ll use that information for this and other civil rights and civil liberties work in the future.

See you at six o’clock tonight — and in Annapolis on Tuesday!

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