Senator Raskin circulates pro-Syrian refugee letter in Annapolis – you can help

Beginning of Maryland General Assembly letter by State Senator Jamie Raskin, who is seeking cosignatures. You can help him do that here.

The Syrian refugee crisis hasn’t gone away, of course — nor has the urgency of confronting fearful and often Islamophobic commentary about accepting those (and other) refugees to our country.

So State Senator Jamie Raskin has penned a strong letter of support for Syrian refugees that he’s circulating in Annapolis. Excerpts:

Senator Jamie Raskin (D-20)

Senator Jamie Raskin (D-20)

We, the undersigned Members of the Maryland General Assembly, write to endorse the settlement in Maryland of refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war. America was founded as a “haven of refuge,” as Tom Paine put it, for people all over the world seeking a new life free from repression and war. As the Free State, Maryland has always done its part to welcome refugees fleeing crisis, and there is no justification for us to cut and run from our basic values today.  […]

Our nation and our state were founded to give people fleeing persecution a safe haven. Welcoming Syrian refugees according to the law, and not scapegoating them according to fear, speaks to our best traditions and hopes for the future. We trust and hope that you and your administration will act accordingly and not fall for the demagoguery and paranoia that have overtaken the leadership of other states in the Union.

The letter also refers to the “significant and eloquent statements in support of accepting Syrian refugees made during the legislative interim by the Councils of Greenbelt, Howard County, Montgomery County, Rockville, and Takoma Park, along with the Mayor of Baltimore, and 39 state and local civil rights, faith, labor, humanitarian, social justice, and immigrant and refugee service provider organizations” (links added). For the full text, see the embedded document below.


Take action at “Maryland Welcomes Refugees.”

Please help by urging your Annapolis delegation to sign on to Senator Raskin’s eloquent letter.

Just go to the “Take Action” page at Maryland Welcomes Refugees. Using your street address, the web site will provide you with the email addresses of your three delegates and senator, and a short message of support you can (and should) modify with your own words.

The full text of Senator Raskin’s letter follows:

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