Takoma Park, America says “Close Guantanamo!”

As promised, MCCRC activists showed up at the Takoma Metro station this evening, distributing flyers about Guantanamo and collecting signatures to our petition asking the Montgomery County area Congressional delegation to do something about Guantanamo — investigate the Pentagon for its foot-dragging, and support legislation to get the base closed. We also read excerpts from Guantanamo Diary (video to come). Quite a few of those signing the petition took it a step further and decided to show the world they want the lawless torture chamber known as Guantanamo closed:

(Photographer: Norman van der Sluys)

Join us!

First, sign the petition.

Then download and print our “Close Guantanamo!” sign, take a picture of your bad self with it, send it to us at mococivilrights@gmail.com, and we’ll add you to the slideshow. You’ll help make our country and our world just a little bit better — plus those of you who do will have more fun than those of you who don’t, just pointing that out.

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