Mo Co area congressional delegation: investigate Pentagon footdragging, close Guantanamo!

Download this sign, send us a picture of you holding it, your first name and city if you’d like along with any statement you’d like to add to, and we’ll include it in the”Close Guantanamo!” photo album.

MCCRC activists will be at Takoma Metro station tomorrow evening distributing flyers about Guantanamo, reading from Mohamedou Ould Slahi’s “Guantánamo Diary” and asking supporters to pose with “Close Guantanamo!” signs like the one on the right.

We’ll also be collecting signatures petitioning the Montgomery County area congressional delegation (Representatives Chris Van Hollen, John Delaney, and John Sarbanes; Representative and Senate candidate Donna Edwards; and Senators Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin) to investigate the Pentagon’s reported foot-dragging in making it possible for cleared prisoners to find asylum in other countries.  From a December 29, 2015 Reuters report by Charles Levinson and David Rohde (“Special Report: Pentagon thwarts Obama’s effort to close Guantanamo“):

To slow prisoner transfers, Pentagon officials have refused to provide photographs, complete medical records and other basic documentation to foreign governments willing to take detainees, administration officials said. They have made it increasingly difficult for foreign delegations to visit Guantanamo, limited the time foreign officials can interview detainees and barred delegations from spending the night at Guantanamo.

Our petition also asks for the recipients to sponsor or co-sponsor legislation closing the Guantanamo base.  If you’d like to add your own name to the list, use the embedded form below to do so:

(Use the “slider” on the right side of the form to scroll down the page so you can fill in all of the form. Click “Submit” at the bottom of the form when you’re done. Some may find it easier to use the stand-alone web page petition.)

If you’re interested in gathering signatures in person — whether with us at Takoma Metro or elsewhere — download the printable petition form here.  Let us know you’re coming, or let us know you’re collecting signatures elsewhere, by emailing us at

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