Join the resistance — support MCCRC’s movie outreach!

We’re doing something new: a fundraising campaign on our IndieGoGo site.

As already mentioned in our latest emailing (you are subscribed, right?),  the goal is to raise $500 to improve our successful movie outreach campaign with a new screen, new movies, and funds to pay for more sites around the county where we can show the movies, and pay for more publicity to attract larger audiences.

We find that showing movies about issues like mass surveillance, whistleblowing, or criminalizing political dissent is one of the best ways to bring together and inform people who’d like to know more about these issues. Examples of great movies we’ve shown in the past:

  • Top Secret America
  • War on Whistleblowers
  • End U.S. Torture Now
  • Better This World

All donations are appreciated!!! — but if you can part with $50 or $100, we’re offering some perks we think are pretty cool: our very own retro sci-fi “No Such Agency” posters and t-shirts. Have a look!   All donations will be collected by our fiscal sponsor, Defending Dissent Foundation.


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