Thank you Edward Snowden! (Metro bus ad edition)

We have a dream… and we know we can do this! Click the image and donate what you can to PCJF’s “Thank you Edward Snowden!” Metro bus ad campaign!

Saying “thank you” to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden never goes out of style — especially when you can make surveillance state bureaucrat heads explode by saying it on the side of a Metro bus. 🙂 * That seems to be the thinking over at the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF), who are fundraising to do just that right here in our fair metropolitan area:

The elites in D.C. may not ride the bus, but they can’t avoid reading the bus!  We want the world to see that we, The People of the United States, support Edward Snowden, and oppose the creation of a surveillance state without our consent.

Let’s give them a hand, shall we? 

We assume some of your donation may also go towards the great work PCJF does year in and year out; late last year, for example, they obtained FOIA documents proving the FBI was already surveilling the Occupy movement prior to the famous Zucotti Park occupation in 2011.

So your donation will be well spent indeed.  (If — no, when! — you do contribute, please leave a comment here so we can get an idea how much we helped out.)  Meanwhile, a friendly reminder to PCJF about their excellent “Thank You Edward Snowden!” campaign: MCCRC was there first. 🙂

PS: while you’re at it, please add your name to our “Van Hollen, Delaney: Wrong on NSA” petition, chiding our representatives for their regrettable “No” votes on the Amash-Conyers amendment, but suggesting concrete legislative steps they can take to make amends.

* [EXPLANATORY DISCLAIMER] Dear NSA: the phrase “make someone’s head explode” should not be taken literally.  Rather, it is a figure of speech describing the act of vexing someone, in this case for their (well, your) unpopularity.[/DISCLAIMER]

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2 Responses to Thank you Edward Snowden! (Metro bus ad edition)

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    A small, worthy idea.


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