Video: Audience Q&A at Defending Dissent forum

(Part I)

(Part II)

The presentations by Kit Bonson, Saqib Ali, Max Obuszewski, and Sue Udry were followed by a series of questions from the audience, among them:

  • What will the public do when these kinds of abuses are claimed?  Activists are ready to be persuaded, but ordinary people don’t want to believe these kinds of things are true.
  • What are the real prospects for cooperation with libertarian, conservative, otherwise right-wing groups on issues like these?
  • What are the limits, if any, on infiltration of peaceful groups by law enforcement?

Thank you to our audience for attending the event and for your great contributions!

Selected relevant links:

For more about the forum and links to videos of the speakers, visit Activists survey challenges to dissent at Wheaton forum, propose Rapid Response Network.

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