MCCRC and Electric Maid: the beginning of a beautiful friendship

As readers have seen, Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition has begun to hold events and meetings at Electric Maid Community Exchange, and is planning more — like the free screening of the excellent “Better This World” documentary on March 26 at 7pm.

Electric Maid is located on 268 Carroll St. NW in DC, just across the Maryland border; its volunteers describe it as a “community living room or third-space in the heart of Takoma: a community arts space, performance venue, and resource center for all ages.  Our name is inspired by the Electrik Maid, a local coffee shop that was a staple of Takoma Park for many years.” 

We’ll provide a link (in the right hand column of this blog and in emailings) to Electric Maid’s web site so you can have a look at upcoming events like “open mike” music nights and other live acts.  We’re grateful for the warm response we’ve had from everyone at Electric Maid.  You can contact them at to learn how you can schedule events there, too.


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