NDAA resolution on May 21 Takoma Park City Council agenda!

Mayor Bruce Williams notified us this morning that both the MCCRC NDAA/AUMF resolution and the “Fund Our Communities” resolutions will be considered by the Takoma Park City Council on May 21st.

We ask supporters of our NDAA/AUMF resolution to please join us on May 21st at the Takoma Park City Council room (7500 Maple Ave, Takoma Park, MD) to show support for the NDAA resolution.  Please either click the May 21st Facebook event links or leave an RSVP here to let us know you’re coming.

Meanwhile, if you’re a Takoma Park resident, please urge Takoma Park City Council members Seth Grimes and Tim Male to support the NDAA resolution or both the NDAA and the “Fund Our Communities” resolutions; click either link to get started. At least for Councilmember Grimes, his objections are less about the substance of the resolution than about its non-city nature. However, resolutions of this nature are part of the tradition of Takoma Park. Moreover, the municipal charter clearly authorizes the City Council to “sponsor, promote and otherwise advance legislation at any level, including County, State and Federal; and to expend funds and resources for the same,” for the general welfare of the citizens and residents of Takoma Park.

We’re thrilled to have cleared a major hurdle in getting this resolution passed and helping turn the tide for due process and the rule of law; we thank Mayor Williams for allowing the resolution to be considered by the city council.  Monday’s great turnout by both NDAA and Fund Our Communities resolution advocates was a big factor; thanks to all who joined us on Monday and over the past many weeks.

The NDAA/AUMF resolution we advocate is explicitly and specifically endorsed by the Maryland ACLU, Defending Dissent Foundation, South Asian Americans Leading Together, and the Bill of Rights Defense Committee; you can learn more about the issues and the resolution here.

[EDIT, 5/9: suggested email no longer to full council, some background supplied.]

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