NDAA forum highlights: Audience Q&A

Audience members asked a number of excellent questions and made some compelling remarks of their own.

  • Social worker: “I think the questions that have been raised here are about how do we not just pick the lesser evil, how do we in fact change the paradigm…”
  • Robert L.: “I think the reason to have a resolution is the debate itself – to get the information that’s in this room, now, out to the larger Takoma Park community, and out to the world, so they hear it out there what we hear in here.  … This is something that has the possibility of destroying the country, in my view.  So the more people hear about it — and even if we get just a little bit outside Takoma Park with this information… that would be a good thing.”
  • Buttar: “Assertion is nine tenths of the law.  … when in the future some executive branch uses [some controversial interpretation of the NDAA], the assertion will control.  No one ever authorized the NSA’s warrantless surveillance program for the first six years of its operation.”
  • Other points and questions raised: Naomi Klein “Shock Doctrine”; Tenth Amendment Center approach criminalizing compliance with NDAA; Feinstein “NDAA fix” bill suggests second class of people without right to trial; “crabs in a bucket” analogy to federalism.

  • Buttar: “with the proliferation of media sources… we have to become engaged consumers of information; you can’t just trust that it’s going to come to you.”
  • Anti-torture (NRCAT) activist, recalling visit with Congress member: “We met with somebody who was sort of like an intern. And we saw all these lobbyists walk in, they knew them, I’m sure they met with her directly.  I think a resolution at the local level — that those individuals would be able to get through that door.”
  • Martine Zee: “As an activist myself, I’m very concerned about these emails from Stratfor that show that security companies are trying to link the Occupy movement in some way with terrorism. … I think we’re getting to a point where any form of dissidence … is very easily going to be lumped into this category.”
  • Other points and  questions raised: NDAA a response to Occupy?
  • Audience member: “One of the signs you’re living in a police state is that nobody knows the law — including the police.”
  • Other points and questions raised: HR347

[More highlights to come]

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