Takoma/Silver Spring Voice editor Eric Bond to moderate April 26th NDAA forum

Eric Bond, editor of the Takoma/Silver Spring Voice

The independent newspaper Takoma/Silver Spring Voice is one of the hubs of community life in Takoma Park; its editor Eric Bond is a respected community reporter who frequently chairs local political and educational events.

So when we thought about who might be a great moderator for the April 26th forum on NDAA indefinite detentions and what the city of Takoma Park can do about them, I thought of Eric.  And when I asked, he said, “I’d be delighted.”  Eric adds:

It  is an unfortunate sign of our times that many citizens remain unaware or apathetic concerning the issue of indefinite detentions of persons deemed enemies of the state. One might expect more discussion of this in an election year. If not on a national level, here in Takoma Park, we have a chance to review the limits of presidential power and the degree to which security should or should not influence American ideals as laid out in our founding documents. I look forward to a substantial examination of the state we’re in and the implications going forward.

The Voice serves its community and lives by the feedback it gets; it would not have lasted a single year, much less 25, without strong community support.  Continue that tradition by RSVPing to a fundraiser for the Voice at Capital City Cheesecake on April 21st at 7:30pm.

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