Outreach about NDAA resolution at Occupy Mo Co meeting

Occupy Montgomery County is a great continuation of the Occupy movement that so many of us welcomed last year; their current plans include a campaign to “Move Your Money” from banks to credit unions, a campaign against home foreclosures in Montgomery County, and joining in with Peace Action Montgomery County to oppose a tax giveaway to Lockheed Martin.  There’s more, and you can learn all about it at occupymocomd.org.

Last Saturday, Occupy Montgomery County set aside time in their agenda to hear more about the NDAA resolution we advocate and how everyone might help.  Thanks to Martine Zee, here’s a videotape of what I said, and questions from her and others at the meeting.

I liked the question about the relevancy of the NDAA issue to everyday life and a ‘success trajectory,’ though I think I didn’t answer it as well as I might have (Martine and another Occupy meeting-goer did better).

Rights, due process, and the rule of law are always relevant, I think, as Occupy activists facing police abuses and free speech restrictions have learned all over the country.  Martine also made the good point that actors like Stratfor are already trying to link “Occupy” to terrorism; however laughable that may seem to us, it’s an illustration that a lot can be at stake, even for people who (rightly) believe they have nothing to do with terrorism.  It’s our belief that a city council resolution like the one we advocate is a tangible and meaningful result, one that helps build and sustain momentum to reverse the ominous direction our country has taken.  It’s not a direct action, but it’s a local one, much like all of what Occupy Mo Co is doing.

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