“Save due process – restore the right to trial”

Volunteer Jim Kuhn gets Amy G.'s signature petitioning Takoma Park City Council to pass a resolution against the NDAA's indefinite detention statutes.

Takoma Park’s Farmer’s Market is a favorite Sunday destination for Takoma Park residents — so it’s also a traditional signature gathering spot for petitions.

Today marked the beginning of a new campaign — petitioning the Takoma Park City Council to pass a resolution urging the repeal of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) indefinite detention provisions.

Response was excellent — despite incredibly challenging signature gathering conditions: we had to endure free samples of delicious pastries from the soon-to-open Takoma Bistro, and repeatedly forced ourselves to stop watching the Hawaiian music and dance duo “Hula Huskers.”

Anyway.  We’ve developed a half-page flyer (.docx format) combining elements of the ACLU and BORDC “talking points” flyers, if you’d like to adapt them for your own signature gathering work.  To join the petition online, visit http://tinyurl.com/mccrc-ndaa-petition.  Thanks!

Jonna and Moe, the "Hula Huskers".

"Chocolate Girls" from Takoma Bistro

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