1-2-3-4 We Don’t Want Your Culture War!

About 15 or 20 protesters braved the freezing rain on Saturday, October 29 to picket at a Maryland Conservative Action Network conference in Annapolis.
5-6-7-8 Stop the Lies, Stop the Hate!
We were there to expose a panel titled “Is Sharia Law Coming to Maryland?”  The panel included Frank Gaffney, Fred Grandy, and other “experts” who claim that Muslims in America have a secret plan to impose Shariah law (Muslim religious law) on America. While we support their First Amendment right to speak, we protest their smear campaign against Muslims. The anti-shariah movement attacks the legitimate political activity and religious practice of law-abiding American Muslims, and they are making headway in states around the country and in Congress, pushing legislation that undermines the First Amendment rights of Muslim Americans.  We were there to make sure they understand if they’ve come to push that kind if law here in Maryland, they won’t succeed.
Among the speakers:
Frank Gaffney — Author of “Shariah the Threat,” which asserts that “the preeminent totalitarian threat of our time [is] the legal-political-military doctrine known within Islam as “shariah.” He is head of the hardline think tankCenter for Security Policy, which promotes ‘peace through strength” and warns that the Obama Administration is too cozy with Muslims, who are trying to take over the country.
Fred Grandy — you know him as Gopher on loveboat, but he is a former member of congress who currently uses his radio show to promote the myth of “creeping shariah.”
Robert Stacy McCain: A right-wing blogger, active with the neo-confederate group League of the South, who has referred to gay people as “faggots” and Mexican people as “Beaners” on multiple occasions.
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