Shahid Buttar speaks at “Creeping Sharia” myth forum

Selected quotes:

  • “…we’re privileged as speakers to look out at you but I’d invite you to look around, because you’re not going to find a more diverse group of people in one room anywhere in the next year. It is a shocking rainbow of people in this room, and there’s a great deal of power there.”
  • “I think [Jamie Raskin and I] have the same perspective with respect to the subject matter, but on the method I …take a very different view, which is to say, we do have the facts, and if law meant anything in this country we would have that too, but we don’t live in a country governed by the rule of law any more.”
  • “While Muslim speech is being criminalized, it’s actually an equal opportunity offense.  It’s not just us.”
  • “There is a war criminal sitting on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Members of the Bush administration Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel authorized the use of torture as an interrogation tactic. … the authorization of torture is criminal under domestic statutory law, under our constitutional law, under international law – the law that we fought a world war to establish, we sent a Supreme Court justice to prosecute a case establishing that there is strict liability for human rights violations.  So what we do in this country, when we did find out? … We gave judicial robes to one of the architects of this policy.”
  • “I’ve got to tell you the FBI is far worse now than it was under George Bush. “
  • “The FBI’s m.o. is to hire an ex con, give him $100,000, send them into a mosque where they can bribe anyone they can find into a fraud plot, aggrandize the fraud plot over the course of years, turn it into a terror plot that is funded, trained, envisioned, and equipped by the FBI, and then bust it on the eve of execution and run around saying ‘we’re winning the war on terror, give us more money.’ […] As much as I as a Muslim fear… the vilification of our minority, my concern is that as canaries in the social coal mine,  we portend a constitutional crisis that is not limited to us.”
  • “Our institutions are failing. […]  I just want to offer a set of prescriptions: …act affirmatively in your towns to restore the rights the federal government is taking away from you.  […] Many of the folks who organized this event are promoting in Montgomery County a platform to restore civil rights.  One of the things it would do is prevent the kind of ideological profiling that you see … not just in the “war on terror” but also [against others]. It would also address many of the concerns and civil rights issues of other communities, like profiling.”

Supporting links:

Shahid Buttar is executive director of the renowned Bill of Rights Defense Committee.  He supports populist constitutionalism as a civil rights lawyer, independent columnist, community organizer … and hip-hop and electronica MC

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