Saqib Ali speaks at “Creeping Sharia” myth forum

Selected quotes:

  • “I live in America just like everybody else and I’ve seen that over the past two or three years there’s been a growing hysteria against Sharia, and against Muslims being somehow a subversive fifth column in this country.  And it’s really getting to be very distressing.”
  • “…I thought …that what we need to do, in our small corner of Maryland, is stigmatize anti-Muslim bigotry in the same way that anti-Jewish bigotry, anti-Christian bigotry, or racism against African Americans is stigmatized.So I thought, what’s the best way to stigmatize them?  Let’s make a big fuss in the news, let’s go after them, let’s attack them, let’s protest them, let’s just humiliate them and embarrass them.  But I talked to some friends, to some people who were wiser, and they said better than calling them names, and better than attacking them, fight bad speech with good speech.  And invite them, because we have nothing to hide.  And let’s have their discussion, and let’s hear what they have to say, let’s say what we have to say, and let’s have the debate, in an open, public forum where they can bring their supporters if they want and people can hear and judge…”

Saqib Ali was a Member of House of Delegates for state District 39 from January 10, 2007 to January 12, 2011; he is a member of Montgomery County Muslim Council. He is an organizer of this forum, as well as of an open letter, signed by many Montgomery County leaders, that was critical of Fred Grandy’s appearance at a Republican Party event.

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