Jamie Raskin speaks at “Creeping Sharia” myth forum

Selected quotes:

  • “My role here is simply to say let’s shift the conversation from religion and what different people’s religions stand for to law because it is the law that we can repair to in times of heated emotional controversy.”
  • “We’re one nation under the Constitution, because we’re not one religious faith, we’re not one ethnicity, or race, or political party or ideology, but we do have one Constitution.  And so it’s the Constitutional faith that I want to promote today.  And so I come with a solution to the wars over “sharia law,” and the solution is we don’t need any extra laws against any imposition of religiousl law, we’ve got one and it’s called the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.”

Supporting links:

State Senator Raskin is a professor at American University Washington College of Law, director of its Program in Law and Government, and founder of the Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project.

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