Speakers for Saturday’s forum on the “Creeping Shariah” myth

Is ‘Creeping Shariah’ a Real Threat or a Trumped Up Scare Tactic?
Saturday September 24th
11am – 1pm

Wisconsin Place Community Recreation Center,
5311 Friendship Blvd. Chevy Chase, MD 20815

At this time the confirmed speakers for this event are:

  • Saqib Ali (event and open letter organizer; former Maryland State Delegate)
  • Thomas Nephew (event organizer and MC; Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition)
  • Elizabeth Lakew (event organizer; Secretary of High School Democrats of Maryland)
  • Guled Kassim (open letter organizer; Kassim’s Corner radio talk show host )
  • Jamie Raskin (Maryland State Senator; Professor of Law and Director of the Law and Government Program, American University)
  • Shahid Buttar (executive director, Bill of Rights Defense Committee)
  • Sulayman Nyang (Professor of African Studies, Howard University)
  • Corey Saylor (Legislative Director, Council on American-Islamic Relations)

All the organizers are deeply grateful to our confirmed speakers.  Also invited are:

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