Bag search lookouts needed

To oppose the Metro bag searches, it’s important we get in touch with people who have been affected by them.

To do that, we need to know about bag searches as soon as they happen.

And to do that, we need your help — especially if you use Twitter:

  1. Set up a search on your Twitter account: “bag search Metro”, “bag check WMATA”,  or similar.
  2. Check that search often during the day, or use applications like TweetDeck to let you automatically see if there’s recent activity.
  3. Let us know you’re on the lookout, and — if you’re using Twitter — the search phrase you’re using and how often you check.
  4. Whether you learn of searches by Twitter, by radio, or in person:
    1. Call the ACLU-NCA at 202-457-0800, and tell them which Metro station or stations are affected. You’ll be speaking with a reception desk person, he or she will know whom to contact.
    2. Contact us by Twitter: @mococivilrights — or by email:

Please make a note of the ACLU-NCA phone number on your phone right now — thanks!

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5 Responses to Bag search lookouts needed

  1. Martine Zee says:

    I don’t tweet but I did put the ACLU phone number in my phone and if I see a search I will call a) call the ACLU number and then b) watch the process and if possible see if can enter at the right time to be the person who gets searched so I can REFUSE!



  2. Beth Kingsley says:

    How about establishing a twitter hashtag for spotted bag searches? It would make it easier to track.


  3. I often use #bagsearch and #wmata to rewrite this blog’s headlines in tweets; the latter is in fact widely used to help people find WMATA-related tweets. Please suggest one for when one is found! Maybe “#bagsearch #underway”?

    A possible problem with searching for #bagsearch #underway and other hashtags in advance is that we’re trying to spot tweets about bag searches from people who aren’t clued in to those hashtags. But feel free to add them to your tweets reporting a bag search.


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