Stop “fast track” reauthorization of the “PATRIOT” Act!

We’re joining with other groups like Get FISA Right to oppose HR514, a “fast track” bill that would extend some of the PATRIOT Act’s worst provisions set to lose authorization, such as Section 215 secret court orders allowing access to Internet and financial records, roving wiretaps, and “lone wolf” wiretaps weakening already flimsy restrictions on domestic surveillance.

How you can help:

  1. Join us by contacting your Congressional representatives here, at our new POPVOX site.  (You can also monitor the bill’s status there, or read its provisions.)
  2. Then share that action link with friends by…
    1. shouting it from your rooftop,
    2. using two cans and a string, or
    3. adopting more modern methods such as email, Facebook, or Twitter.  You can share this blog post with the “Share” button at the bottom of the post.

For more background on HR514, click here (BORDC); for a detailed critique of Section 215 and National Security Letters, click here (Constitution Project).

[Image via the fine Facebook group “Fix the PATRIOT Act and FISA“]

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