Towards a Montgomery County Civil Rights Restoration Act

When the Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition first met in December, we hadn’t planned on being absorbed in a struggle against random bag searches in local Metro train stations. As our first blog post — “Protecting civil liberties at home” — indicated, we met to discuss how to advocate county legislation that would…

  • Prevent profiling by race, religion, origin, gender, or by political speech or activity
  • Require data collection to verify the absence or confirm the presence of such profiling
  • Restore limits on intelligence collection, surveillance to warranted searches permitted by 4th amendment
  • Prevent federal immigration enforcement by local officials
  • Provide for civil action and damages if the measure’s provisions are violated

…as well as affirm the right of citizens to videotape police interactions, and prevent local law enforcement from sharing misdemeanor or non-violent felony arrest data with the FBI.

We’ve started presenting a slideshow/handout about the proposed legislation to interested parties throughout the county, and thought supporters and readers should have a look as well. Click the image at the top of the post to see a 2 minute slideshow; we’re looking forward to your comments! Over the coming weeks, we’ll be going into more depth about the various provisions of and arguments for this kind of Civil Rights Restoration Act, and hope you’ll drop by to check that out.

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3 Responses to Towards a Montgomery County Civil Rights Restoration Act

  1. When any group or party wants to propose a legislation, the content of such legislation should be made public in writing so that citizens will be informed and they have a chance to say their side if they want something to add or revised. It was right of the MCCRC to present slideshow/handouts because they also want to know the public’s opinion before they will go on to the next step.


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