Register your WMATA bag search complaint emails

Metro Transit Police Department has claimed that response to the bag search policy has been mainly positive — yet many people have told us they complained.  For my part, I submitted a complaint to the WMATA online complaint form, and got this form response from “”:

Dear Thomas Nephew:

Thank you for submitting your comment.  We will direct it to the appropriate office for any necessary follow-up action.  If you wish to contact us again or have additional information regarding this comment, simply “Reply with thread” to this email and refer to the following case number: 604072

Office of Customer Relations
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
When responding to this email, please perform a reply with history so that the following conversational identifier “[THREAD_ID:737450]” is included in your response.

An email to the Board of Directors yielded a similar response, though in that case there’s only a “THREAD_ID”.  I’ve registered those responses along with my name and email address (optional) using the form below:

…and hope you will too.  Of course, please submit only accurate information, and only once, about each complaint you file.

Information entered and submitted this way is emailed to the Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition; totals may be shared, but your individual information will not be.  If you’re not already on our announcement or discussion listservs, answering “yes” to the final question will result in invitations to those listservs — though it’s easiest to just join them via the links provided.

Also, if you haven’t already added your name to our online petition against the random bag searches, please do so here.

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