January 17: Protest the Criminalization of Dissent!

One of our coalition members — Defending Dissent Foundation — is among the main sponsors of an important event drawing attention to and protesting the increasing criminalization of dissent in the wake of Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project, the September 24 FBI raids,  and the metastasizing efforts by the U.S. government to quash Wikileaks.

These are at bottom matters of free speech, freedom of association, a free press,  and, in the case of Bradley Manning, freedom from the cruelty and deeply inhumane torture of solitary confinement.

Here is the announcement:

Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day in a way that would make the great man proud. Martin will be with us on the street. Presente!

Defend Free Speech and the Right to Organize! Opposing War and Occupation is not a crime!

Noon: Protest at FBI Headquarters
935 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
Washington, DC
to demonstrate our outrage and indignation against police state surveillance, infiltration, and attempts to entrap peace, environmental, animal rights, civil rights, and solidarity activists.

1 p.m.: Convoy to Quantico
We’ll take off from the centre of the American police state in a caravan to Marine Corps Base Quantico where military authorities are holding our brother Bradley Manning in an inhumane condition of solitary confinement. (MCB Quantico is 45 minutes south of DC)

Sponsored by Defending Dissent Foundation, World Can’t Wait, DC Bill of Rights Coalition, Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition, WarIsACrime.org, Democrats.com, Bill of Rights Defense Committee, DC National Lawyers Guild, CodePink, Peace Action, Progressive Democrats of America, United for Peace and Justice, Witness Against Torture, Peace of the Action, Cindy Sheehan, Friends of Human Rights (list in formation)

There is a Facebook event page where you can connect with others who will be attending the protests.

We are proud to support our friends on this.  To learn more about the FBI raids, visit the online version of a DC Civil Liberties Coalition teach in about the September 24 raids, stopfbi.net, or the Defending Dissent Foundation.  To learn more about Bradley Manning and the Wikileaks issue, visit, inter alia, Glenn Greenwald and again the Defending Dissent Foundation.

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