Public comment at 1/3/11 RAC meeting: Pat Elder

The bag searches violate the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution. The searches are ineffective, wasteful, and expensive.

The searches foster an atmosphere of fear and mistrust.

The searches won’t reduce a terror threat. They give a false impression of enhancing security.

Bag searches bolster support for greater repression.

Bag searches are easy to avoid.

The searches draw resources from violent crime prevention.

The searches could open WMATA up to lawsuits.

Bag searches show poor resource planning.

Crime in the Metro system takes more victims than the terrorism Metro police continuously talk about.

Each hand-held Sabre 4000 trace detection unit used by Metro Police costs $25,000 and a GAO report suggests they have difficulty detecting several types of explosives.

Pat Elder is a co-founder of the DC Bill of Rights Coalition

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